Sirotechnics Fireworks Ltd. display in Monaco

August 3rd 2019

concours pyromelodique art en ciel
Monaco Casino in foreground

fireworks red hearts on pink cushion

beaucoup de marrons d air peu de fumee
Special technique for this rare picture showing a lot of "Salute" effects
(the white and red flashes at middle high)
without the usual cloud of smoke.

best fireworks display photo monaco

greatest pyrotechnics show location

monaco fireworks display from uphill

Congratulations to Simon Harding's team! Sirotechnics Fireworks Ltd. won the contest!

ville vue d ensemble feu artifice monaco
Most of the photos are available, on demand, in this "large view" format, with the Prince's Palace on the right

great pyro rainbow by sirotechnics
Great Rainbow for Art en Ciel festival

best photographer for pyrotechnics show

More pictures available on demand.

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